Single Tooth Replacement

Do you have a missing tooth?

For single tooth replacement, dental implants are a great solution and it’s one of the many services offered at our Toronto Implants Dentist clinic by our Toronto dental implants specialist.

A missing tooth, whether it’s lost due to trauma or pulled as a result of damage and decay, can cause serious dental issues. Over time, the adjacent teeth will shift, moving into the gap where the now-missing tooth was once located. This may result in abnormal spacing and teeth gaps, along with other problems like abnormal bite alignment and even TMJ symptoms.

For some patients, a bridge may be a good solution. For others, the better solution is a single tooth implant.

The dental implantation process involves a few steps. First, the tooth must be pulled if it hasn’t already been removed. Then, the empty socket in the jaw must close up. A bone graft can be provided to help speed the rate of healing. Once the jaw bone is healed, the implant can be put into place. It take several weeks for the bone to bond and fuse with the implant.

Once the implant has fused with the jaw bone,  our Toronto Implants Dentist will place a post or nub which will be used to secure the prosthetic tooth. Dental implants look totally natural once placed. Our Toronto Implants Dentist will select a tooth color, size and shape that matches the rest of your dentition for a totally seamless, natural appearance.

When cared for properly, your single tooth implant can last a lifetime!

The Toronto Implants Dentist believes in taking a holistic, patient-first approach to dentistry, so we work one on one with each patient to find a solution that works for the client’s unique needs and preferences.

Tooth implants do require minor surgery and there is some discomfort during the healing process, but the Toronto Implants Dentist will work with the patient to ensure that pain is well-managed.

A top Toronto implants dentist, our dentist offers all forms of tooth implants, including implant-supported bridges, implant-supported dentures and all on four implants.

In addition to tooth implants, our Toronto Implants Dentist also offers a complete range of other general dentistry services. From regular exams and routine cleanings, to fillings and root canals, crowns and bridges, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, teeth bonding and beyond, she can assist with your every dental ailment.

If you’re ready to start smiling with confidence, make your appointment for a single tooth dental implant! Toronto’s top implants dentist is happy to assist.

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