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Dental Implants Totornto East Toronto ON residents have a fantastic option when it comes time to choose a family dentist. Dr. Venus Sobhi can provide excellent care for patients of all ages.

Dr. Sobhi takes particular pride in her work as a kids dentist. She knows how important a child’s experiences with their dentist are and how much of an impact those visits have for the child’s long-term dental health. Children who have negative experiences with their dentists or who never overcome their fear of dentists are unlikely to get regular checkups – or even some necessary treatment – when they get older. Dr. Sobhi places a strong emphasis on making the children who come to her feel relaxed and at ease. Not only does this make a dramatic impact on the child, but it also makes future trips to the dentist considerably easier for the parents.

Adults and teenagers can also get the help they need from this family dentist. Children may experience toothaches or other problems that need to be addressed, but they get a ‘second chance’ with their second set of teeth. Teens and adults, though, need a family dentist to help them take care of the teeth that they will have for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Sobhi’s services for teens and adults include all of the standard examinations and treatments that you would expect from any dentist, as well as implants for patients who have lost their own teeth. While many may not consider this important for those not yet in their golden years, poor dental hygiene, illness, accidents, and sports injuries can all result in the loss of teeth, and having a dentist who can replace those teeth can make a big difference.

If you want the best family dentist you can access from Dental Implants Totornto East Toronto ON, call Dr. Sobhi today to schedule an appointment.

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