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If you live in Dental Implants Thornhill ON, choosing the right family dentist for yourself, your spouse, and your children is easy. Dr. Venus Sobhi can help all of you get and maintain the healthy smiles you want.

Much of Dr. Sobhi’s time as a kids dentist is dedicated to helping children feel more comfortable about seeing her. As a parent, you know that children can be quite frightened when going to the dentist and having their teeth closely examined, and perhaps even worked on. Dr. Sobhi makes this easier by relating to children in a way that seems to melt their fears away. To be sure, many children still have some apprehension about the work that she’s doing, but nearly all find visits after their first one much less daunting.

Adults also appreciate Dr. Sobhi’s ‘chairside manner”. Those who are embarrassed about their teeth quickly have their attention turned to what can be done to restore their smiles, which helps them to relax and be optimistic rather than self-conscious. While Dr. Sobhi does encourage patients who have developed poor dental hygiene habits to improve them, she does so non-judgmentally and in a way that demonstrates understanding.

So, what can Dr. Sobhi do for you? Cleaning and periodic checkups are the most common services that her patients need. These serve not only to keep smiles looking their best but also to address small problems before they become large ones. She also provides more elaborate types of care, such as providing braces, crowns, and fillings. For those who have lost teeth, she can also put in dental implants Thornhill ON, which many patients find difficult to distinguish from their own teeth in form and function.

To learn more about the many services that family dentist Dr. Venus Sobhi can provide for your family, call or e-mail us today.

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