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If you are looking for a family dental implants Scugog ON who has the expertise and experience necessary to provide your family with whatever type(s) of treatment you need, trust Dr. Venus Sobhi.

From cleanings and checkups to dental implants, Dr. Sobhi can help each and every member of your family to have beautiful, healthy smiles no matter what the starting point. She especially enjoys helping young children get on the road to lifetimes of good dental health by making them feel comfortable with dentists. By relating to children and earning their trust, Dr. Sobhi sets aside many of the fears and concerns that they have and makes it easier for them to feel better about each subsequent appointment. Parents notice the difference too, as taking their kids to the dentist seems to get easier each time.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a family dentist for Dr. Sobhi is helping parents to set good examples for their children. Some parents want to see their children develop good dental habits but may fail to do so themselves. By making it convenient for parents and children to set appointments at the same time, Dr. Sobhi enables parents to get examinations and treatment along with their children. Many children find it comforting that their parents are going to the same dentist they are and at the same time.

Rest assured that Dr. Sobhi can help you and yours to better dental health no matter what your current smile looks like. One of the most important services that she provides is putting in dental implants. They replace teeth that have been lost and look and function like your own teeth. Best of all, they can go a long way toward restoring the confidence that you lost along with your teeth.

Get in touch with Dr. Sobhi today to find out how she can serve you as your family dentist. We would be happy to schedule you for an appointment near dental implants Scugog ON.

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