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The best family dentist within easy reach of Pickering ON is Dr. Venus Sobhi. Dr. Sobhi treats patients young and old with all sorts of dental ailments, as well as providing them with routine care.

Children are especially fond of having Dr. Sobhi as their kids dentist because she puts them at ease. Whereas some dentists pay little attention to the way that their patients are feeling, instead preferring to let parents handle child behavior and emotions while they focus solely on examinations and treatment, Dr. Sobhi relates to children by helping them to relax and feel confident about having her examine and take care of their teeth. This makes a huge difference in terms of setting the children on course for having lives of good dental health complete with regular checkups.

Although some of them don’t like to admit it, adults often feel apprehension about dental appointments themselves. Some still harbor their childhood fears of having somebody else rooting around in their mouth and that awful sound of a drill. Those who have overcome that, though, may still harbor unease about such close examination or embarrassment about not having cared for their teeth properly. These concerns are all too real, and they often result in adults not getting the preventative and restorative care that they need.

Dr. Sobhi considers it her responsibility as a family dentist not only to care for the concerns of children but also those of adults. She understands that there can be many reasons that patients need care, so she spends little time concerning herself with how problems arose, instead focusing on how to prevent them and solve them. This is especially true for patients who need dental implants, the need for which can arise from countless circumstances, many of which were beyond the control of the patient.

No matter what your needs are in your family dentist, Dr. Sobhi is ready to meet them. Call today to set up an appointment near Dental Implants Pickering ON

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