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The best family dental implants Old Toronto ON dentist accessible from your area Dr. Venus Sobhi. Dr. Sobhi has experience handling all sorts of dental needs. These include helping children who are dealing with infections, putting fillings in cavities, and even providing implants when teeth have been lost.

Although Dr. Sobhi takes pride in all of the work that she does as a family dental implants Old Toronto ON dentist, the implants give her special pride. Most people associate implants with elderly patients who have lost teeth due to normal wear, but the truth is that many of Dr. Sobhi’s patients who receive them are considerably younger, in some cases even teenagers. The reason for this is that accidents, hits taken playing sports (either from people or objects), and even certain illnesses can lead to the loss of teeth in youth and middle age. If you have lost any teeth, Dr. Sobhi can provide you with the solution you need.

Of course, Dr. Sobhi also treats many kids. A dentist who deals with children must have a certain level of patience and understanding beyond that of other dentists due to the fact that children tend to fear dentists. Dr. Sobhi has this in spades. Children appreciate her attitude so much that they tend to calm down and trust her enough to get the examinations and care they need without minimal tears or other outbursts. In fact, it’s quite common for parents to note that her way with their children on their first visit made going to subsequent ones considerably easier.

When you are ready to take the next step toward getting the best family dentist within reach of Old Toronto for yourself and your kids, give us a call. We can answer any preliminary questions you may have and schedule you for an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

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