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When you’re looking for a family dental implants North York ON who provides excellent care and who is conveniently located within easy reach of North York, ON, then Dr. Venus Sobhi is the one for you.

Dr. Sobhi has earned a reputation for providing families with the care that they need not only to resolve existing dental problems but also to prevent new ones from arising in the future. She is especially good with kids, whose fears of the dentist often make visits difficult not only for them but also for parents. Her ability to relate to them, allay their fears, and comfort them during what can be a daunting time makes each visit go as smoothly as possible and sets a tone for the kids that ensures that they feel comfortable getting regular checkups with their dentists throughout the rest of their lives.

Her work as a family dental implants North York ON also includes responding to the challenges that adults face. One of these is fear similar to that which children experience. Another is the embarrassment that some people feel when having their teeth examined closely. This embarrassment can be caused by the fact that poor dental hygiene is what led to the problem(s) or simply not having the smile that they would like. Whatever the case may be, Dr. Sobhi does her best to ensure that all of her patients feel comfortable and focuses both herself and her patients on solutions rather than problems. These solutions include everything from cleanings to implants, so there are few – if any – dental problems that she can’t solve.

When you want to set up an appointment with the best family dentist in the North York, ON area, give us a call and let us know when it would be convenient for you to come in and get the dental care that you need.

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