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It’s important that you get the right family dental implants Newmarket ON for yourself and your children, and Newmarket, ON residents have no better option than Dr. Venus Sobhi. Dr. Sobhi has spent several years taking care of countless dental problems for her patients, as well as providing the type of preventative care necessary to avoid major challenges.

Dr. Sobhi’s work with children is important to her because it gives her the chance to patients on their way to lifetimes of good dental health. Because children feel at ease once they spend a few minutes with her, children’s appointments with Dr. Sobhi tend to run much more smoothly than they would with dentists who are not as good with children. Not only that, but children are less nervous about future visits, which not only helps them to feel better about them but also helps parents, who can expect to see less, if any, crying or other fearful reactions the next time they tell their children that it’s time for a dental appointment.

While treating children typically involves a standard, relatively small set of treatments, teenagers and adults, who are on their second sets of teeth, often need more extensive care, such as fillings, crowns, and braces. For those who have lost teeth, Dr. Sobhi can even provide dental implants, which appear and perform just like regular teeth. Having a family dentist who can provide this option can be extremely important not just for elderly or ailing members of your family but also those who may have played or currently be playing sports, as injuries involving the loss of teeth are quite common.

When you are ready to find out more about whether Dr. Sobhi is the right family dental implants Newmarket ON for you, give us a call and send us an e-mail. If you’d like, we would also be happy to schedule an appointment for you near Newmarket, ON.

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