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If you have tried and failed to find a great dental implants Etobicoke ON, then it is time to turn to Dr. Venus Sobhi. Serving children and adults of all ages and with all types of dental health, she not only makes patients feel comfortable with her in what can be an uncomfortable setting for many but also provides solutions and treatments that last.

Dr. Sobhi believes in the importance of getting kids to practice excellent dental hygiene from an early age. Parents who are committed to the same would do well to consider her as a family dentist rather than a kids dentist, scheduling their own appointments on a regular basis and letting their children see how comfortable they are going for regular checkups and other treatment. In fact, many parents find that they get the best results when they schedule their own appointments in conjunction with their children’s.

In most cases, treating children who still have their first set of teeth is fairly straight forward. Teen and adult treatments often require more elaborate options. This may include crowns, fillings, and braces, but it could also be things like implants in cases in which teeth have been lost. Patients who may have given up hope of ever regaining their smiles beam from ear to ear when they see themselves with beautiful smiles and full sets of teeth. While there are many treatments that can lift the spirits of patients with all sorts of conditions, few make as dramatic or as immediate of an impact as implants do.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Sobhi’s office family dental implants Etobicoke ON, or if you are ready to schedule an appointment, call or e-mail us today. Dr. Sobhi looks forward to helping you and your family members look and feel better.

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