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For a family dentist within easy reach of Brock, ON, look no further than Dr. Venus Sobhi. She has spent several years helping parents and children alike with dental care that is both rehabilitative and preventative in nature. From implants used to replace the teeth that adults have lost so simple cleanings and the treatment of infections, you can get all of the dental services that your family requires in one place dental implants brock on.

Many parents love Dr. Sobhi because of how good she is with their children. Whereas some dentists struggle to relate to children or focus only on the treatment itself, Dr. Sobhi understands that children’s visits go much more smoothly when they feel comfortable in her office. That is why she always works to relate to them and gain their trust. Once she has accomplished that, most children become far more comfortable, and visits are not often the strain that they would be with dentists who are more “to the point”.

Of course, choosing Dr. Sobhi as your family dentist means that you will receive treatment from her when you need it as well. Fortunately, she provides all of the dental services that you would expect from one of the best dentists in the province. From checkups and cleanings to implants, she does it all.

Dr. Sobhi finds her work with implants especially fulfilling because of the impact that it has on the lives her patients. She loves watching so many of them have lost confidence restored. In many cases, patients walk out of her office with their heads held noticeably higher and their smiles beaming brighter because they finally look and feel much better than they did with gaps in their teeth dental implants brock on.

Dr. Sobhi’s staff would be glad to tell you more about her work as a family dentist and to set up an appointment for you, so call or e-mail us today.

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